The Librarian and The Monster by Brian Yansky

The Librarian and The Monster by Brian Yansky (Strangely Scary Funny Series #6)
English | 2024 | Horror

the librarian of the supernatural town of Eden, faces his greatest challenge yet when a powerful being abducts residents in what turns out to be an act of revenge.

With the help of his hellhound companion, Fluffy, and his allies (the ghostbusters, the witch Olive, and the werewolf) Rip Van Winkle, Kevin must confront the monster and prevent it from exacting its revenge on Eden.

Meanwhile, Kevin grapples with his own destiny as the anti-Christ and the looming threat of Armageddon. Balancing his duties as Eden’s protector and navigating complex family dynamics (complicated by the fact most of his family lives in hell), Kevin must make difficult choices to save his town and the world from destruction.

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