The Lavender Killer by Keith Finney

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The Lavender Killer by Keith Finney (Norfolk Cozy Mysteries #8)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the tranquil fields of a quaint English village, amateur sleuths Ant and Lyn stumble upon a chilling discovery: a lifeless body amidst the fragrant lavender. Little do they know, this sinister encounter will thrust them into a gripping tale of mystery and danger.

As Detective Inspector Peter Riley delves into the investigation, the idyllic village becomes a breeding ground for deceit and betrayal. Mysterious strangers lurk in the shadows, each harboring their own dark secrets and ulterior motives. With tensions soaring and a second tragedy looming, Ant and Lyn find themselves racing against the clock to unravel the twisted truth behind the Lavender Killer.

In the tradition of Agatha Christie, Keith Finney weaves a spellbinding narrative, rich with complex characters and labyrinthine plots. The Lavender Killer is an electrifying homage to classic murder mysteries, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats until the final, heart-pounding revelation. If you crave suspense, intrigue, and the thrill of a whodunnit, don’t miss out on this captivating literary journey. Pick up The Lavender Killer today and prepare to be enthralled.

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