The Last Request by Brandon Barrows

The Last Request by Brandon Barrows
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

In a remote house in rural Alaska, six potential heirs gather with the promise of inheriting a huge sum of money. But how far will they go to get their hands on a fortune?
It’s going to be a family reunion to die for…

Summoned by letter, Holly Shaw and five of her cousins—virtual strangers to each other—have gathered at a grand house in the rugged wilds of Alaska. Equally unfamiliar to Holly is her great-aunt Lydia, who has called the family together with the promise of a massive inheritance. Her condition: they must remain in the house, with Lydia and her butler and caregiver, until she passes. Anyone not in residence at that time is out of the will, and their share of the money will be split among the others.

That night, everyone settles in. But the following day, the murders begin . . .

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