The Lake House by Theo Baxter

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The Lake House by Theo Baxter
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Pine Lake seems like a lovely little town. Unless you live there.
Laura thought fiancé Tony was ‘the one’ – until she caught him cheating with her best friend and maid of honor, Mary.
Devastated, Laura moved away and settled in idyllic Pine Lake, where she is just beginning to date again.
But her new life is turned upside down when her next-door neighbor dies in a freak accident . . . and Tony and Mary move in beside her.
Things go downhill fast…

Mary is convinced that Tony orchestrated the move so he could live near Laura and cheat with her. Tony suspects that Mary moved them here so she could stalk Laura, with whom she’s totally obsessed.
For her part, Laura is increasingly uncomfortable with both. Strange things keep happening and she is convinced that someone is watching her.
Then this small community is rocked by a murder, and Laura begins to worry that her very life might be on the line.
And she’s right, she’s in terrible danger. Because this little town is home to a mind that is truly evil…

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