The Knowing by Carolyn Mitchell Boykin

The Knowing by Carolyn Mitchell Boykin (ePUB) Free Download

The Knowing by Carolyn Mitchell Boykin
English | 2024 | Horror

Cora was born with a veil. She is able to discern spirits and wield the power of both the dark and the light as well as the ability to heal. Her grandmother, Mi, called it The Knowing. Cora has carried it as both a prophetic blessing and a curse, struggling under the burden until one decision changes her world. Possessed with a healer’s compulsion to help, she is unable to turn away when Fannie arrives on her doorstep, ripped, torn, and hanging precariously on the knife’s edge of death. As torn at the birth of her child, Clyde, as she was at his conception, Fannie believes she has been chosen as the vessel for this coming savior.

In this tale of magical realism and spiritual folklore, Clyde and Cora are bound by a contract of which neither can be extricated except by the destruction of the other. Will Clyde honor his mission, or will he save himself from a war he’s not ready to fight?

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