The Kitchen Witch by Skye Alexander

The Kitchen Witch: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Magical Kitchen with Natural Ingredients, Sacred Rituals, and Spellwork by Skye Alexander
English | 2023 | Food & Cooking | 10 MB

Discover the magical properties, qualities, and symbolism of 100 basic ingredients so they can add magic to any meal—at any time and in any situation.

Every house witch knows: the kitchen is an essential part of your magical practice. From preparing food to enjoying a meal, it’s important to honor the process of making a dish, to appreciate each individual ingredient, and to make magic from the recipes you already know and love. First, dive into the world of kitchen magic and spellwork; then go back to the basics to learn the magical properties, qualities, and symbolism of 100 essential everyday ingredients so that you can learn to add a little magic to every meal.

You’ll learn
• That chocolate (especially the rich, dark variety!) is associated with love
• That snacking on figs can spark creativity and even help you earn money from your creative endeavors
• That you should choose your squash wisely for different shapes, colors, and even growing seasons are associated with different outcomes
• That onions can be used to ward off evil spirits and negative energies and can protect your home
• And much more!

Transform your favorite recipes into magical spells, use different ingredients to maximum advantage, and enhance your kitchen witchery with the help of The Kitchen Witch.

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