The Killing Circle by Paul J. Teague

The Killing Circle by Paul J. Teague (ePUB) Free Download

The Killing Circle by Paul J. Teague (Detective Hollie Turner #4)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

One school. A killer hiding in plain sight. 72 hours to uncover the truth.
Tuesday 13:14pm – Seventeen-year-old student Kyle Wilson is lying in the foetal position in a derelict school outbuilding. As Detective Hollie Turner studies the boy’s lifeless body, pushing back the tears pooling in her eyes, one question plays over in her mind. Who would want this teenage kid dead?

Interviewing the tight-lipped students and staff, Hollie learns that Kyle was a loner with a penchant for secretly filming his peers and had been receiving threatening notes in his locker. The deeper Hollie digs, the more she realises almost everyone at the academy has something to hide – from Kyle’s estranged circle of popular friends to the teachers who taught him. As Hollie pieces together the cryptic clues – a scrawled plea for help, conflicting witness statements and suspicious evidence – another student’s life is in terrible danger.

Someone at Crestwell Academy masterminded a sinister circle to silence Kyle and his camera forever. With the school on lockdown, the killer still on the loose, and frantic parents demanding answers at the gates, Hollie is in a race against time to solve the case – but can she decipher the killer’s taunting message and uncover their secrets before another life is taken?

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