The Japanese Assassin by Jack Arbor

The Japanese Assassin by Jack Arbor (ePUB) Free Download

The Japanese Assassin by Jack Arbor
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

In the heart of a dense jungle, a young woman awakens—wounded and alone.
She remembers nothing—not how she got there, not her past, not even her own name. When she’s attacked, she’s forced to fight for her life, and is surprised to find she possesses the skills to survive.
She emerges from the jungle to find herself the prey in a deadly game. The target: a formidable assassin, or at least that’s who she used to be. They trained her to kill and survive, and now they must fix their mistake.
But who is she now? Will she run for her life? Or does she confront her demons and pursue the truth, no matter what she may uncover?

Run to the fight.
As frightening clues surface from her past, she puts a plan into motion that tests herself against a deadly foe. From a jungle island in the South China Sea, to the gritty streets of Hong Kong, and to the snowcapped peaks of the Japanese Alps, she’s pursued by enemies intent on winning the bounty offered for her demise while she frantically searches for her own identity.

Can she survive long enough to discover her true self?

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