The Inheritance by Kevin Lynch

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The Inheritance by Kevin Lynch
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

You can bury the dead. But you can’t bury the past.
Jane’s father was murdered in cold blood at the family home. The killer was never found.
In the years since, Jane has done everything in her power to stay away from that house. To forget the nightmare and get on with her life.
But now she has to go back.

Her mother is ill and Jane must care for her. Her husband Joe goes with her but soon after they arrive at her family home, he begins to act strangely. Adding to her unease, Jane’s brother Dan is openly hostile.
Increasingly unnerved, Jane feels compelled to uncover the secrets of the old house. And discovers that her father may have been killed by someone close to her. Someone who’s been hiding in plain sight all these years.
Now it’s a race against time. Can Jane discover the shocking truth about her father’s death before it’s too late? Can she right the wrongs of the past?
Or will the killer get to her first?

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