The Hidden Storyteller by Mandy Robotham

The Hidden Storyteller by Mandy Robotham (ePUB) Free Download

The Hidden Storyteller by Mandy Robotham
English | 2024 | Historical Fiction

International bestselling author Mandy Robotham returns with a brand new tale set in war-torn Germany.

The war is over. But there are still secrets to be found amidst the ashes…

Hamburg, 1946.

The war is over, and Germany is in ruins. Posted to an Allied-run Hamburg, reporter Georgie Young returns to the country she fled seven years prior – as Chamberlain spoke those fateful words – to find it unrecognisable.

Amidst the stark horrors of a bombed-out city crumbling under the weight of millions of displaced Europeans, she discovers pockets of warmth: a violinist playing amidst the wreckage, couples dancing in the streets, and a nation trying to make amends.

But when she joins forces with local policeman Harri Schroder to solve a murder case he is working on – a woman with the word traitor engraved into her skin – she soon discovers that the darkest secrets of war haven’t been left in the past. And once again she is pulled into a world she hardly expected to see again…

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