The Haunting of Blackwater by Marcia Armandi

The Haunting of Blackwater by Marcia Armandi
English | 2023 | Horror

Lina doesn’t believe in ghosts, but they won’t leave her alone.
When her father is killed, Lina and her little brother Mateo are forced to move in with her domineering uncle at Blackwater Manor. Lina soon discovers that her uncle intends for her to marry his nephew, Bray, to gain control of her inheritance. She is also convinced her uncle had something to do with her father’s death.

As the days pass, it becomes increasingly clear that Blackwater is haunted, and the malevolent presence seems determined to harm the siblings. To protect her brother, Lina attempts to communicate with the ghosts, all the while evading the handsome but devious Bray and crossing paths with the mysterious Max, a dashing army lieutenant with secrets of his own.
But as Lina unearths the atrocities of the past, she must now unmask her father’s killer and discover the ghosts’ intentions before she becomes one of them.

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