The Hanged Woman by Mark Richards

The Hanged Woman by Mark Richards (ePUB) Free Download

The Hanged Woman by Mark Richards (Michael Brady #6)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Is the answer in her past?
Or in someone else’s future…
Michael Brady is back.
The Hanged Woman is Book 6 in the series ‘that gets better and better.’

‘Brilliant.’ Michael Brady is fast becoming the Yorkshire Rebus.’
But this time ‘cold, hard evidence’ – everything he’s always relied on – is letting him down.
Brady is starting to doubt himself.
Personally and professionally…

The Hanged Woman sees Brady challenged like he’s never been challenged before.
He’s got Frankie. He’s got his small team.
And it’s Brady. He’s got his demons…

The psychologist looked across the desk at him.
“You want me to give you an idea of the person you’re looking for?”
Brady nodded.
“Do you have a twin brother, Mike? An evil twin, separated at birth?”
“You’re saying he’s like me?”
“He takes risks. Ignores procedure. He’s prepared to risk everything. He’s a maverick, Mike. He’s exactly like you.”

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