The Guilty Girl by Ruth Harrow

The Guilty Girl by Ruth Harrow (ePUB) Free Download

The Guilty Girl by Ruth Harrow
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Chloe is serving a life sentence. In her own home.
Ever since the horrific day her mother died, Chloe’s life has been anything but normal – more like a carefully constructed prison. Her father hasn’t let her go to school, have friends or leave the house alone.
As she grows up, Chloe begins to question the motives behind her dad’s obsessive control. What would happen if she broke one of his many rules? And what exactly is he hiding under the overgrown grass in the back garden?

When new neighbors arrive next door, they trigger a chain of events that causes Chloe to suspect her father’s motives are far darker than she knew.
Now she faces the terrifying consequences of defying the man who controls her every waking moment. Will she risk everything to win her freedom or will her father’s dark secrets keep her captive forever?

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