The Grief Doctor by Jack Anderson

The Grief Doctor by Jack Anderson (ePUB) Free Download

The Grief Doctor by Jack Anderson
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Genius. Maverick. Monster.

‘A place free of judgement… for a life free of pain’
Since his beloved wife died, Arthur has lost all hope. He doesn’t care about his high-powered job, his increasingly distressed mother, his future… Even his therapist cannot help him with his grief. In desperation, his mother seeks out the only person who can: Dr Elizabeth Codelle.
Controversial genius, Dr Codelle runs the world’s most exclusive clinic. Eye-wateringly expensive, the clinic is located on a small private island and takes only one patient at a time – but it gets results. Codelle doesn’t just treat her clients, she claims to entirely cure them. And she is insistent that Arthur must stay on the island until he is all better.

Whatever that takes.
A hugely original, clever and thought-provoking thriller about one woman’s vision and just how far you might go to cure grief.

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