The Gods Undoing by Mark Tufo

The Gods Undoing by Mark Tufo (ePUB) Free Download

The Gods Undoing by Mark Tufo
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Can one soldier, one Genogerian, one old gatekeeper, and a renegade witch save the world? Find out in this all new Michael Talbot adventure series!

The Source, the natural wellspring of Magic in the world, is stretched to the breaking point. If gluttonous witchcraft and human usurpers are not curtailed, it will vanish from the Nine Realms, taking with it every legendary race, and the magical sway of all that is good in the world will disappear forever. Before that end, the gods themselves will wage a final destructive war on Creation.

The quest to save Magic at all costs is at hand, and an ancient prophesy awakens. An unlikely and unwilling hero emerges: Michael Talbot, a broken soldier with nothing to live for except the dream of an afterlife where he’s finally reunited with his wife and daughter.

Allies from throughout the Talbot universe rally to his side, and new friendships are formed, though agendas may not align. Talbot finds himself thrust onto a path he would never have chosen, and as the magical world rises to its own defense, the world becomes rife with cruel foes, monsters, and deadly forces no human can guard against.

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