The Godless Kingdom by Sheila Masterson

The Godless Kingdom by Sheila Masterson (ePUB) Free Download

The Godless Kingdom by Sheila Masterson (The Lost God #4)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A king ripped from his throne. An imposter wearing the crown. A court balanced on a knife’s edge.
In the wake of a violent rebellion, Cecilia and Xander are trapped behind enemy lines under the thumb of a cruel tyrant. It’s impossible to know who to trust with the culture of fear Vincent has instilled in the Argarian court. Clawing back the power he stole requires slow and careful progress. The vicious king needs them both alive for now, but one wrong move will land them in tower jails or worse.

Outside the castle walls, Evan enlists his network of spies to help his friends escape. But moving through town freely and accessing the castle grounds requires accepting help from an unexpected ally.

In the heart of Vincent’s court, Rainer is rendered from an aching past he can’t remember and is desperate for the glorious future he’s been chasing his whole life. Torn between his duty, his honor, and his heart, Rainer must decide what he wants most and what price he’s willing to pay for it.
They all walk a perilous line and one misstep will cost them their lives and the chance at the happily ever after they’ve fought so hard for.

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