The Girl Thief by J.A. Schneider

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The Girl Thief by J.A. Schneider
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Ensnared into the lives of a troubled, wealthy couple – or is she?
“Please help me.”
Kate Tilden reaches her delicate, manicured hand next to mine, and I turn to her, startled. She’s unsteady, and there’s a stain on the bodice of her strappy party dress. Wine, probably. Her big blue eyes are red-rimmed and imploring me, just a caterer’s assistant, for help up the stairs. That startles me more…but so it begins.

Kate and her husband Griffin are a troubled glamor couple with dangerous secrets. Some I know because I have researched them, never dreaming that gaining access to them would be this easy. Has it been too easy? That gives me pause, but I feel kind of sorry for Kate. Online gossips say she’s miserable, and she took to me the last time I worked here. She even insists that I’d be a good live-in companion just to talk to, help with her problems. The pay would be better. Would I please stay awhile? Maybe longer?
The irony stuns me, because this is what I’ve long wanted. I have a secret too, something Griff and Kate Tilden could never guess. My only fear, besides being alone with them in this vast, isolated house, is that Griff is reputedly dangerous.
Well, I can be dangerous too. They don’t know my real reason for infiltrating their lives…

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