The Favorite Girl by Monica Arya

The Favorite Girl by Monica Arya (ePUB) Free Download

The Favorite Girl by Monica Arya
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Every family has secrets—dark ones, twisted ones, ones they hide. The Ivory family is no different. From the outside of their gated estate, one would see a beautiful, wealthy family. But the more perfect they seem, it only shows how many imperfections they are trying to bury.

When Demi Rao, a young woman is at her wits’ end and on the run from escaping her captor, she comes across an employment ad from the Ivory family, looking for someone to help maintain their elaborate estate. Although the ad is strange with meticulous directions to wear all-white, no makeup and speak quietly, Demi applies. With no choices, Demi gets and accepts the job and when she does, she quickly realizes she’s not there to clean, she’s there for a purpose. They picked her. They chose her. They’ve always known her. Behind the doors of the pristine estate lies secrets, a lethal human experiment and Demi’s entire life planned out for her.

The Ivory’s have picked a favorite girl.

And it might just be her.

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