The Depths by Lucy Banks

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The Depths by Lucy Banks
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When people say they love the sea, they don’t really mean it. Because they don’t know what that means or what the sea really is.
It’s full of more darkness than you can imagine. Secrets down in the blackness, tangled in the weeds. Things that can hurt you.

I don’t want to imagine what is down there in the depths. I want a life of glamour and the shine of city living. Anything but this. Sitting alone in a derelict Cornish house, staring out of the window at the sea.
But we had to leave. When she disappeared, people looked at us differently. I couldn’t bear their stares, their whispers.

And now I am trapped in a place where the secrets lie, and where they refuse to stay hidden . . .

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