The Day She Disappeared by Lisa Hall

The Day She Disappeared by Lisa Hall
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Never go home.

Sixteen years ago Becky told a lie. And someone died. Now she’s back on the tiny island off the windswept Dorset coast where she grew up. The place she swore she’d never return to. She is home for her mum’s funeral.

The islanders make clear she isn’t wanted. They haven’t forgotten what she did. Some ignore her. Some won’t look her in the eye.
Becky wants to get away. But she hears a story that she can’t ignore. About a teenage girl who went missing a year ago. Some say she left for the mainland with her boyfriend. But the girl’s sister thinks they’re lying.

As a storm rages towards the island, Becky knows someone in this tightly-knit community is hiding the blackest of secrets.

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