The Boy in the Reeds by Gaynor Torrance

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The Boy in the Reeds by Gaynor Torrance (DI Jemima Huxley #7)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

It’s the perfect light for birdwatching. The sun’s rays stretching out low in the early morning. At first she thinks the movement in the reeds is a bird. But then she sees — it’s a little boy, barefoot, dirty, and barely clothed.
Emerging from the undergrowth, the little boy leads a woman by the hand through the marshy wetlands. She’s bleeding. Badly. Terror etched on both their faces.
Who are they running from?

When Detective Jemima Huxley gets the call from the hospital, she learns three things:
One: the little boy is too traumatized to speak.
Two: the woman has been placed in a medically-induced coma.
Three: the woman has been missing for eight years. DNA shows the boy is not her son.
Who are they? They’ve clearly escaped from something unimaginably horrific . . .
What if they aren’t the only ones?

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