The Boy in the Box by E.J. Wood

The Boy in the Box by E.J. Wood (Landon & Burke #2)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Bodies are turning up in South England’s Sussex. The ruthless killer is leaving no clues, and the police are unable to trace any suspects.

When the body of a married housewife is discovered brutally murdered among the foliage of Ashdown Forest, DCI Landon and DI Burke are thrown into their hardest case yet, and DCI Landon finds himself hunting a sadistic and elusive killer whose motive seems impossible to find.

Partnered again with Detective Inspector Tenley Burke, the pair reveals a horrific truth that has been covered up for years.

As the body count continues to rise across Sussex, Landon is in a race against time to stop a violent killing spree, because this killer has only just begun.


Sussex is a beautiful historic county that was created in the 5th century. It was formerly an independent medieval Anglo-saxon Kingdom, and is bounded by Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.
Sussex played a key role in the conquest of Britain and significant signs of Roman presence can be found.
The whole of Sussex countryside is rich with fairytale castles and stately homes. Certainly a joyous experience for many tourists.
But there is a dark side to Sussex. Even the serene and tranquil Clapham Wood near Worthing has been known as one of the county’s most haunted places with reports of UFO sightings, missing pets and Satanic Cult activity. Its reputation comes of no surprise with the amount of bodies that continue to be found.

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