Terror Tales of the West Country by Paul Finch

Terror Tales of the West Country by Paul Finch
English | 2023 | Horror

The West Country. England’s mystical heart. Hill-forts, ancient circles. Blessed by age-old powers, sanctified in blood. Where woods and pools stir to whispered summonings, forbidden names are carved in rock, and rebels died en masse, hanged and butchered, their gore-dabbled ghosts wandering vengeful in the rural night …

The drumming demon of Tedworth
The ocean predator at Ilfracombe
The sleeping bones at Wilcot The creep-about killer on Burgh Island The hateful entity in Cheddar Gorge The flesh-rotting curse at Blackdown The stalking spectres on Dartmoor


The Darkness Below by Dan Coxon

Unto These Ancient Stones
Objects in Dreams May Be Closer Than They Appear by Lisa Tuttle

The Horror at Littlecote
The Woden Jug by John Linwood Grant

And Then There Was One
Chalk and Flint by Sarah Singleton

When Evil Walked Among Them
Epiphyte by Thana Niveau

The Hangman’s Pleasure
In the Land of Thunder by Adrian Cole

The Thing in the Water
Unrecovered by Stephen Volk

Priests of Good and Evil
Gwen by S L Howe

The Pixie’s Curse
Watcher of the Skies by Mike Chinn

Bullbeggar Walk by Paul Finch

The Tedworth Drummer
The Pale Man by Andy Briggs

By the Axe, He Lived
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Hounds of Hell
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The Blood Price
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Lonesome Roads
Soon, the Darkness by John Llewellyn Probert

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