Tempered in Steel by J.E. Mac

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Tempered in Steel by J.E. Mac (The Constant War #1)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

Char didn’t expect to be humanity’s last hope. But what hero ever does?

Char is a mech-jockey, piloting a new mecha prototype designed to fight off an alien invasion of Sindarhe spawn, a race of space squids that worship an even larger Old God bent on having its way with Earth.
It wouldn’t be so complicated if humans could actually fight from Earth, but they’ve had run-ins with previous Doomsday events—the previous one stranding them in Earth’s orbit. The planet is strictly off limits.

This battle will be fought toe-to-tentacle. Armored mecha versus slimy squiddie.
Unfortunately, Char’s new prototype has a small, slight (did I mention small?) glitch.
The engineer who made the prototype, after convincing Char he is most certainly not a mad scientist, assures her that the glitch is a feature. Not a bug. And with it, she can be Earth’s salvation.

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