Tell Me Where She’s Buried by Patrick Logan

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Tell Me Where She’s Buried by Patrick Logan
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Eleven years ago, Los Angeles was terrorized by The Sandman, a serial killer who claimed at least twelve women’s lives. Young FBI Agent Constantine ‘Con’ Striker stopped him, but not before enduring a devastating personal loss—his twin sister, Valerie, was one of the victims.

Or so he believes.
Even after a decade on death row and confessing to twelve murders, The Sandman denies knowing Valerie Striker. Desperate for closure, Con demands the killer reveal where his sister’s remains are buried. But The Sandman refuses to talk.
Con’s obsession with finding his sister has cost him nearly everything he loves: his marriage is in tatters, his career is on the brink, and he’s burned through partners faster than he changes his clothes.
Now, rookie agent Alex Frost joins Con on a new case: stopping the piracy of Hollywood films before their release. As they investigate, they uncover a web of darkness and complexity far beyond simple theft… and more deadly.

When they discover a connection between the pirated films and Valerie’s disappearance, Con believes he’s on the brink of finally finding out the truth.
But the stakes have never been higher.
Con’s relentless pursuit of answers risks not only his sanity but also Alex’s life. And as the pieces come together, it soon becomes apparent that he may soon be searching for his partner’s body in addition to his sister’s.

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