Stories of the Sun by Dawn Nelson

Stories of the Sun by Dawn Nelson (ePUB) Free Download

Stories of the Sun by Dawn Nelson
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

For millennia we have looked to the sun to provide us with light, food and warmth. Yet, in our attempts to increase the productivity of each hour, we have skewed our days and stretched them through the use of candles, electricity and LED bulbs, our faces glowing in the unnatural light of screens and electronic devices.

Within the pages of this book lies the chance to reconnect with our primal life force through folklore, exploration of ancient cultures, myths, legends and tales of our past. By understanding the power of our ancient star through the wisdom of those who walked this land before us, we can hope to unplug ourselves from the synthetic glow that surrounds our lives and reconnect with the Stories of the Sun.

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