Spirits of the Dead by Keith Gilman

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Spirits of the Dead by Keith Gilman
English | 2023 | Horror

What would you do to save someone you loved? Husband and father Jon Levande has to ask himself that very question when his daughter is on the brink of death. But what if saving her means losing his own soul . . .

Death has followed successful restoration architect, unhappy husband and desperate father, Jonathan Levande, his whole life, but recently the curious incidents around him have surged. Killed deer, decapitated cheerleaders and a dead homeless man are only the beginning of this dark streak. Now it seems he’ll lose his daughter as well. Marie is fatally ill, and the doctors are stumped.

Waiting for death to knock on his door again, Jon buries himself in his work and has an affair to escape his depressive life. Until one day his job of restoring old buildings leads him to St Cecelia cathedral – a haunted, old church in Delaware – and its sinister Rector . . . and to a proposition he can’t refuse: a life for a life.

Jon doesn’t believe in miracles or dark magic, but he knows that if he doesn’t do something his daughter will die soon. Torn but determined, he chooses to save Marie, whatever it takes! But the bargain struck in hell hides dire consequences and Jon soon finds himself confronted with his dark past . . .

The new gripping standalone novel by PWA Award-winning author Keith Gilman will make you question your sense of reality! A great read for everyone who loves supernatural suspense with a fresh twist on classic horror elements.

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