Soul Care to Save Your Life by Manda Carpenter

Soul Care to Save Your Life: How Radical Honesty Leads to Real Healing by Manda Carpenter
English | 2022 | Self Help | 6.3 MB

“Manda invites you in and tells the whole truth, and you feel welcomed, seen, and changed. Soul Care to Save Your Life lives up to everything it promises and more.”–Annie F. Downs, New York Times bestselling author of That Sounds Fun


In our image-conscious culture, life can become a never-ending performance. The perfection we feel pressured to project to those in our social sphere comes at the expense of our emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. In the end, we are left exhausted and unfulfilled. How do we flip the script and feed ourselves rather than simply adding to our feeds?

In Soul Care to Save Your Life,author, speaker, and recovering performer Manda Carpenter offers an invitation to shift your focus from performing to purposeful living from the inside out. In this book she guides you on a three-part journey to

– identify the habits that are holding you back
– take ownership of your path to growth
– embrace practices of soul care for your well-being

It’s time to drop the fa├žade of the picture-perfect life and instead get radically honest in order to heal and embrace the confidence that comes from knowing and loving your whole self, no filter needed.

“This book is a breath of fresh air. Freedom lives within these pages.”–Nona Jones, business executive, international speaker, and bestselling author of Success from the Inside Out

“Raw and practical. Anyone who is ready for a future that looks different from your past will find this book catalytic and relevant.”–Tim Stevens, executive pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

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