She Won’t Leave by James Caine

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She Won’t Leave by James Caine
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

She has taken over my life.
Everything was perfect until tragedy brought my mother-in-law, Delores Sterling, to my front door with extra baggage at her side. After the sudden death of her husband, she asked if she could live with us temporarily.

I knew that living with my mother-in-law wouldn’t be easy. She’s made it obvious ever since I married her only son, that I’m not worthy of him. After all, I was his housemaid until he fell in love with the ‘help’, as Delores puts it. Because of that, I’ve kept her at arm’s length, which was easy until she knocked at my door.
My husband doesn’t see what she’s doing to us. It’s clear she has it in for me, and is destroying my marriage while living in my home.

But there’s something even worse at play.
As Delores’ presence at my home becomes more suffocating, I begin unraveling her dark secrets. The more I dig into my mother-in-law’s past, the more I realize I’m fighting for more than just my marriage.
There’s only room for one woman in my husband’s life.

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