Seven Shades of Evil: Stories by Robert McCammon

Seven Shades of Evil: Stories by Robert McCammon
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

The New York Times–bestselling author continues his colonial-era thriller series with eight tales of mystery, adventure, and supernatural suspense.

From his first appearance in Speaks the Nightbird to his latest adventure in The King of Shadows, Matthew Corbett has faced enemies of all kinds, from serial killers to sorcerers. Now author Robert McCammon presents eight gripping stories featuring the professional problem solver and his associates that take place between the popular novels.

Seven Shades of Evil includes four original stories, including “Wandering Mary,” and four additional tales that previously appeared in limited form and are no longer available elsewhere. Ranging from twisting murder plots to ominous portents of the paranormal, these stories are an intriguing blend of everything that has drawn readers to the Matthew Corbett series for more than twenty years.

This volume includes:
• “The Four Lamplighters”
• “Night Ride”
• “The House at the Edge of the World”
• “The Scorpion’s Eye”
• “Skeleton Crew”
• “The Pale Pipe Smoker”
• “Wandering Mary”
• “Incident on the Lady Barbara”

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