Secret Keepers by Teddie Peacock

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Secret Keepers by Teddie Peacock
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Best friends don’t lie or keep secrets from each other, unless it involves murder.

Tessa Donovan Carmichael is determined to find out what really happened during the frightening fire at the annual 4th of July party at her summer home, Storybook Cottage. The devastating fire wreaks havoc on the property and shatters friendships.
Six very close friends, one mysterious fire and a secret none of them, including Tessa should have kept. Just how far will best friends go to protect their own? What lies would they tell? Which terrible secrets would they be willing to keep? Is one of them capable of doing anything for revenge?

Will Tessa discover the truth of the “fire” night and solve a murder? Or will keeping destructive secrets claim her too? Tessa the truth seeker is about to find out.

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