Roses for the Dead by Jenny O’Brien

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Roses for the Dead by Jenny O’Brien (Detective Alana Mack #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

10am: A mother rushes for a train after dropping her daughter at school but is reported missing when she doesn’t return to pick her up.
2.47pm: The same train causes the death of a young woman; her body bound and placed on the tracks.
When Detective Alana Mack discovers the missing mother has vanished from the same train that claimed the life of the young woman, she fears the worst.

A killer is on the loose, targeting women and leaving their broken bodies scattered across Dublin’s Dart train line. The victims appear to have no connection to one another, but their murders bear the same chilling hallmark – identical single red roses left at each of their crime scenes. And that’s not all…
Every trace of the women’s lives has been extinguished from their homes. Their bedding replaced with pristine white sheets, photos of loved ones and precious keepsakes all eradicated.

With little to go on in the sterile environments left by the killer, Alana and her team must desperately try and uncover the link between the women. But when another body is found, this time with a different, rare variety of rose, Alana’s instincts tell her this tiny clue could crack the case open and lead them to the twisted individual.
Then Alana receives a chilling message: ‘Roses are red. Blood is too. One and two are on me. Number three and four are on you.’ The killer is hiding in plain sight and playing a sick game with her. If she doesn’t find them soon, more innocent lives will be taken.

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