Real Estate: The Ramsey Way by Dave Ramsey

Real Estate: The Ramsey Way by Dave Ramsey (ePUB) Free Download

Real Estate: The Ramsey Way – Making Home Ownership a Blessing, Not a Burden by Dave Ramsey
English | 2024 | Business & Money

Homeownership is still possible. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, real estate can be a fantastic investment—if you do it the right way. That’s why personal finance and real estate expert Dave Ramsey put his decades of experience into one Quick Read so you can apply them to your own buying, selling and investing ventures.

In 70 pages, Dave will help you avoid the costly mistakes and pitfalls of what can be a ruthless industry.

From start to finish, you’ll get a clear plan to help you buy, sell and invest in ways that will let you build outrageous wealth and leave a legacy for your kids, your grandkids and their grandkids.

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