Queen, King, Ace by Olivia Hayfield

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Queen, King, Ace by Olivia Hayfield
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

“Avalon,” said Eliza. “Where King Arthur rests until Britain needs him again.” She looked over at Ace and smiled. “Now would be good.”

Britain is sunk in gloom, its government blundering between crisis and scandal. The country desperately needs a new hero.
Enter Arthur ‘Ace’ Penhalagon, smashing his way to Wimbledon victory and into women’s hearts. Ace has two missions: to be the first man to win the Golden Slam – the Holy Grail of tennis – and to use his fame as a force for good.

Eliza Rose, head of media giant Rose Corporation, shares Ace’s dreams for Britain. For him it’s love at first sight, but ever cautious, she prioritises her career.
When Eliza becomes the target of abuse and death threats from Ace’s fans, he spirits her away to the safety of his native Cornwall. But there, he too must confront his demons. His past is a mystery to Eliza. And what happened to his beloved foster brother, Locryn, who ran away after a dark episode Ace refuses to discuss?
What secrets is Ace hiding?
In that far corner of England, where magic is woven into the fabric of the land, a reckoning awaits. Will love triumph over Fate, or will history, yet again, repeat?

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