Of Faith & Flame by C.C. Tyler

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Of Faith & Flame by C.C. Tyler (Prophecy of Sorin #1)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Faith and falsehood both entwined,
Truth will triumph, hope will bind.

Once, Evelyn Carson was one half of a prophesied union, destined to defeat the vampyrs. Now, haunted by failure and deserted by her fire magic, she has vowed never to trust her powers again. Hidden in a tiny coastal town, Evelyn is desperate to conceal her weakness from those who would start war if they knew. Until a young woman is murdered, and the whisperings of duty demand to be heard…
For Kade Drengr there is no higher calling than duty. But ever since Evelyn deserted hers two years ago, Kade has searched for her relentlessly, determined to fulfill the prophecy. Cloaked in anonymity as the huntsman Cyrus, he offers to help Evelyn solve the murder in hopes of securing their union.

Even if it’s founded on a lie.

When more victims show up — each missing a different body part — Evelyn recognizes a darker magic than the killings of her homeland. As Kade wrestles with his allegiances and deepening feelings for Evelyn, the lines of truth and betrayal begin to blur.
But even with hearts aflame, can two souls fulfill a destiny that may destroy them both?

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