No Way Out by Susie Fleming, Ruby Scott

No Way Out by Susie Fleming, Ruby Scott (ePUB) Free Download

No Way Out by Susie Fleming, Ruby Scott
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When bonds break, the truth bleeds.

An unputdownable psychological thriller with twists that keep you guessing to the very last breath.
In a world where artificial intelligence can sift through the veils of reality to expose deep fakes, the human heart remains an enigma, riddled with secrets far more complex than any algorithm.

VeriScan AI stands at the forefront of the battle against digital deceit, led by CEO Abigail Elsher. Yet, beneath the surface of groundbreaking innovation, the fabric of trust within her executive team is frayed to its breaking point.

In a desperate bid to mend what’s been torn, a team bonding weekend is arranged with the hope of rebuilding unity. Little do they know it will become a crucible of suspense, betrayal, and murder.

As the retreat spirals into a chilling game of survival, the veil of professional courtesies is torn away, revealing the raw, unvarnished truths of those who once claimed loyalty. Every twist and turn delves deeper into the psyche of its characters, peeling back layers to expose the dark heart of ambition and the perilous edge of human frailty.

When one of their own is found dead, the line between ally and adversary blurs, leaving every whispered secret and shared memory suspect. In this high-stakes game of shadows, the participants must confront the most harrowing question: when the bonds of trust are severed, how do you discern the truth from the lies?

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