Next Girl Missing by Dan Padavona

Next Girl Missing by Dan Padavona (ePUB) Free Download

Next Girl Missing by Dan Padavona (Thomas Shepherd #8)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Every town has its secrets . . . and Emma Walsh knows too many.
Sixteen years earlier, Emma fled her hometown of Wolf Lake after her best friend disappeared without a traceā€”a case that went cold, leaving the town in uneasy silence. Now a seasoned investigative journalist, Emma is drawn back following a series of mysterious disappearances of young girls, each eerily mirroring her friend’s vanishing.

Forced to confront her traumatic past, Emma teams up with Sheriff Thomas Shepherd, who has his own reasons for wanting to solve the case. But when excavations in a local forest unveil a burial site containing the remains of several children, it becomes hauntingly clear that Wolf Lake’s history is far darker than anyone could have imagined.
Is the kidnapper the same person who took Emma’s friend all those years ago? Every clue drags them deeper into a web of deceit.
And the predator is always one step ahead.

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