Never Look Back by L.T. Ryan

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Never Look Back by L.T. Ryan (Jack Noble #16)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the heart of Montana, secrets run as deep as the wellspring of truth.
In the quiet town of Lewiston, Montana, Jack Noble arrives with a single mission: to find Reese McSweeney. As he navigates the town’s tight-knit community, he finds himself drawn into a labyrinth of secrets and lies, all seemingly tied to a woman’s sudden disappearance.

Never Look Back is a high-octane suspense thriller, where every inquiry is a potential danger and every stranger, a potential enemy. As Jack zeros in on Reese, he discovers that she is entwined in the town’s enigma, her friend’s disappearance leaving a chilling void in her life.

With local law enforcement out of their depth, Jack and Reese take matters into their own hands. Their quest for the truth takes them on a treacherous journey, where every lead is a dead end and every clue only deepens the mystery.
From confronting a vengeful ex-boyfriend to challenging a ruthless land developer, the duo is caught in a web of deception and fear. As they inch closer to the horrifying truth, they must ask themselves: How far are they willing to go for justice?

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