Never Come Back by Joe Hart

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Never Come Back by Joe Hart (Nora McTavish #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Family advocate Nora McTavish is settling into her new practice when she receives a call from Tess Grayson, a childhood friend she hasn’t spoken to in years. Tess is entangled in a custody battle with her ex-husband, Neil, a popular professor at a local university. It’s getting vicious—and dangerous.

Rumors are swirling of Neil’s affairs with students, one of whom was found bludgeoned to death. Though the charges against him were dropped, Tess doesn’t want the man anywhere near their nine-year-old daughter. But as Nora digs deeper into the shattered Grayson marriage, she sees more sides to the story than anyone anticipated. Which side can she trust is the question.

Old secrets and lies are beginning to emerge—some from Nora’s own past—and as suspicions begin to shift, another murder draws Nora perilously close to a killer. This time she’s not just betting her reputation on a case. She’s betting her life on it.

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