Murder on Lake Garda by Tom Hindle

Murder on Lake Garda by Tom Hindle (ePUB) Free Download

Murder on Lake Garda by Tom Hindle
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

One happy couple.
Two divided families.
A wedding party to die for.

On the private island of Castello Fiore – surrounded by the glittering waters of Lake Garda – the illustrious Heywood family gathers for their son Laurence’s wedding to Italian influencer Eva Bianchi. But as the ceremony begins, a blood-curdling scream brings the proceedings to a devastating halt. With the wedding guests trapped as they await the police, old secrets come to light and family rivalries threaten to bubble over. Everyone is desperate to know . . .
Who is the killer? And can they be found before they strike again?

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