Misguided Truth by Stephanie Kreml

Misguided Truth by Stephanie Kreml (ePUB) Free Download

Misguided Truth by Stephanie Kreml (Dr. Samantha Jenkins #4)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A small Texas town. A murdered doctor. If she takes over his practice, will she be the next victim?
When Dr. Samantha Jenkins takes an assignment as a traveling doctor in the piney woods of east Texas, she learns the doctor who previously owned the practice was murdered. As she gets swept deeper into the lives of the community members, she uncovers secrets that can kill.

After she finds mysterious lab results and one of her patients dies, she must unravel the truth to save innocent lives. Can she discover the conspiracy that lies beneath the bucolic veneer? Will she stop the killer before it’s too late?

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