Mirage Man by Trace Conger

Mirage Man by Trace Conger
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 434 KB

Connor Harding is a Mirage Man for the New York mob. He’s smart, relentless, and a master of a trade that few people know exists. When it comes to solving problems for the underworld’s most dangerous criminals, he’s the go-to man. If you’ve got a problem, you want him on your side, but if you ARE the problem, you never want to meet him.

In Connor’s line of work, mistakes get you killed. Until now, the only mistake he made was thinking his past would never come back to haunt him. Connor’s professional skills are tested when, three years after leaving the criminal life and retiring into obscurity, an eager triggerman arrives at his home to kill him.

What begins with a dead man on Connor’s kitchen floor spirals into a high-stakes chase that takes him back to his New York City stomping grounds. There, he becomes entangled in a criminal power struggle, mob turf war, and a federal investigation that put his former boss in prison. Connor is determined to find those responsible for the attempt on his life and cancel the contract before someone else cancels him.

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