Mammoth by Bobby Akart

Mammoth by Bobby Akart
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

California is a state shaped by its explosive past.
In recent years, the state’s been flooded and then ripped apart by tremors.
Now, the earth’s crust is heaving like the chest of a gasping beast.
The ground has grown restless around Mammoth Mountain as the world waits.
Will the fire-breathing beast relieve the pressure?
California had experienced back-to-back catastrophic events. First, an ARkStorm, a thousand year flood event led to another catastrophic event, a series of earthquakes causing the rupture of the famous San Andreas fault.

USGS geophysicist, Mac Atwood, and volcanologist, Taylor Reed, survived being swallowed by the Earth during the earthquake swarm. They returned to the ordinarily peaceful and serene environs surrounding Mammoth Mountain and the Long Valley Caldera.

When a series of seemingly minor earthquakes take place in the Sierra Nevadas, Mac the seismic detective, expresses his concern to Taylor. Her skills as a volcanologist will be tested as it appears the Long Valley Caldera, the second largest supervolcano in the U.S. behind Yellowstone, is awakening.
Mac and Taylor lived through the devastation wrought by the earthquakes at San Andreas. They proved earthquakes have the ability to transfer between faults. They believed the complicated geology beneath California had changed after the ARkStorm.
Now, they believe the geologic formations surrounding Mammoth Mountain and the Long Valley Caldera have been fundamentally changed. For the worst.

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