Mage-Queen’s Thief by Glynn Stewart

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Mage-Queen’s Thief by Glynn Stewart (Starship’s Mage Universe Novella)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction

She’s supposed to find a husband.
He’s supposed to steal a shuttle.
They’re each other’s only hope.

Kiera Alexander is the Mage-Queen of Mars, ruler of a hundred worlds and the protector of humanity. She is also unmarried and in desperate need of an heir—a duty that has left her traveling the Core Worlds of the Martian Protectorate aboard the luxury liner Extravagant Voyage.

Her mission? Meeting every eligible bachelor Mage that can be found.

Barry Carpentier’s only interest in the Queen’s traveling show is the strange shuttle hidden aboard Extravagant Voyage. The unique spacecraft, the smallest jump-capable ship he’s ever heard of, is worth a small fortune to the right buyer.
Like the one sending him aboard Extravagant Voyage.

A thief doesn’t want to meet the Mage-Queen of Mars—but when a thief accidentally inserts himself into galactic politics, neither of their lives will continue unchanged…

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