Lost in the Woods by Deborah Wilde

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Lost in the Woods by Deborah Wilde (World of the Jezebel Files #2)
English | 2023 | Urban Fantasy

Sometimes, you need the Big Bad Wolf to make it safely through the woods.
Dr. Raisa Montefiore, magic scientist, is on a mission to find the woman who messed with her research to create the world’s first wolf shifter.

Unfortunately, her first move lands her in handcuffs for murder. Oops.
But Raisa won’t let a little setback stop her. With a new job and her deathbed promise to her sister on the line, she sets out to convince Gideon Stern, bossy werewolf and ex-cop, to quit ghosting her and join forces. Together, they’ll hunt down their common adversary and put an end to her dangerous schemes, once and for all.
As they venture deeper into treacherous magical realms, each with a deadly smart female in charge, Raisa is torn between admiration and wishing #girlpower wasn’t quite so literal. She’s always championed intelligent women, but this is ridiculous.
Amidst the chaos, Raisa must confront her thirst for vengeance and the sizzling attraction blossoming between her and Gideon. Talk about a high-stakes experiment with an unpredictable outcome.
Will Raisa find her way back to herself, or will she forever be lost in the woods? And hey, with a hot wolf cop by her side, maybe being lost isn’t so bad after all.

Love, danger, and magic collide in the conclusion to this action-packed urban fantasy duology featuring witty banter, a shifter romance, and a clever Red Riding Hood retelling.

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