Know Your Enemy by Rod Besley

Know Your Enemy by Rod Besley
English | 2023 | Legal Thriller

Get ready to dive into a heart-pounding legal labyrinth that spans continents and weaves a tapestry of intrigue.

Step into the shoes of Tom Jackson, a respected yet tough transaction lawyer for Ridgeway Mason, a big-city law firm stretching across Australia.

In a world where corporate deals are high-stakes battlegrounds, Jackson finds himself grappling not only with rumours of corruption but also a treacherous multi-billion-dollar development deal.
With his personal life in ruins, Jackson must now also fight for his professional reputation.

When the body count rises, special forces investigator Jason Jones steps in, unravelling a web of espionage, conspiracy and intimidation. With time ticking away, Jackson must clear his name and unearth the truth before it’s too late. Someone is desperate for this deal to go ahead, and will stop at nothing to see it through.

From Brisbane to London to Hong Kong, Tom Jackson is caught up in a ruthless cat-and-mouse game, and time is running out to clear his name and expose the truth.

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