Kill Count by Theo Baxter

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Kill Count by Theo Baxter (Detective Marcy Kendrick #4)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Stop the killer. Or become his next victim…

LAPD detective Marcy Kendrick and her partner, Angel Reyes, are called to investigate the brutal sex murder of an up-and-coming starlet.
A calling card has been left at the crime scene. This was the work of a professional, Alejandro ‘El Gato’ Gómez, an infamous drug lord who has evaded LA police for over a decade.
Gómez has a right-hand man, a mysterious assassin known as El Mariachi de los Muertos. The assassin, for reasons unknown, is on a murderous rampage across LA. The bodies are piling up.

But why?

As Marcy soon discovers, El Gato has secrets. But drug lords don’t want their secrets to become public knowledge.
Especially not these secrets…
The race is on. Have Marcy and Angel got what it takes to stop El Gato and his right-hand man? Or will they themselves end up in the assassin’s crosshairs?

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