In Her Place by Nolon King, Lauren Street

In Her Place by Nolon King, Lauren Street (ePUB) Free Download

In Her Place by Nolon King, Lauren Street (Replaced Series #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Her perfect life is a lie… but who’s the liar?
Denise Grady is supposed to be dead.
After a car crash claims the life of her sister and her nephew, Denise is ravaged with survivor’s guilt. She finds solace in the arms of the only person as shattered as she is: her sister’s widowed husband.
Their shared grief turns to love, and the pair restart their lives together. They purchase a house at the edge of a master-planned community. And for a moment, life seems perfect.

But perfection is fragile, and reality has cracks.
Denise’s toothbrush changes color. The expression on the painting above the mantle subtly changes from a smile to a scowl. And the presence of her dead sister lingers… Denise swears she can even smell her perfume and hear her voice.
Her therapist calls it survivor’s guilt.

But Denise thinks something else is happening.
Something is pushing her in a dark and dangerous direction, towards the same path her mother once walked. As the line between reality and madness blurs, Denise must unravel the truth that lurks beneath the shadows of her perfect life.

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