Hunted By Proxy by Manning Wolfe

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Hunted By Proxy by Manning Wolfe (Proxy Legal Thriller #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Can attorney Quinton Bell hang on to his new life, as he hides in plain sight, in this lawyer-on-the-run suspense thriller?
Hunted By Proxy takes readers on a heart-pounding ride through the life of a criminal defense attorney whose world was wiped out by the very client he tried to save.

Quinton establishes a new life and law practice in Houston and thinks he’s outrun the dangerous adversaries who chased him there. As he begins to relax, he receives a cryptic message that shatters his illusion of safety. He’s threatened by a diabolical and relentless pursuer. But who?

Quinton is trapped in a quagmire of deception, betrayal, and unlikely alliances. With each passing moment, the noose tightens, and he must draw on every ounce of wit to outsmart those who still want him exposed, or worse, dead.

Will Quinton find a way out, or will he forever be a target in a deadly game of cat and mouse?

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