Hero of Metalhaven by G J Ogden

Hero of Metalhaven by G J Ogden (Metal and Blood #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In Earth’s last city one man will rise to tear it down.
Finn Brasa works the reclamation yards of Metalhaven, one of nine work sectors in Zavetgrad — the only remaining refuge for Earth’s population after the Last War.

Most of Zavetgrad live in fear of the Authority, who punish dissenters with brutal public trials that entertain the masses and tighten the yoke of fear around every worker’s neck. But as a rare ‘double-five’ Finn’s undamaged DNA makes his genetic material a valuable asset and gives him licence to bend the rules.
Then, Finn’s defiance crosses a line, and his privilege runs out. Sentenced to death alongside his brother in all but blood, Finn’s only chance to save them both is to kill the prosecutors who have been trained to turn their trial into a bloodbath.

Just as he’s thrown into the arena, a secret is revealed that offers Finn not only a way out of Zavetgrad, but a chance to tear down the Authority and break the chains of every worker in Metalhaven and beyond.
But to do that, he’ll have to still be standing at the end of the trial.

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